Jun. 5th, 2012

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Okay, it's taking a bit trying to get back into the swing of my weekly updates again, but I hope to resume them soon. Real life has punched me in the gut lately, so chances are chapter 2 of Grounded will likely not be posted this week, but we might be surprised (me more than you). I'm hoping to get more chapters finished and queued up so the next one will be posted the following week on the same day and there will be only the one week of waiting between each chapter.

I am wondering, though, what day of the week you would like Lessons updated.

[Poll #1845007]

I'll try to aim for the day with the most votes and try to keep to it, since I do better with an outline I didn't define myself. I also always liked reading stories that were updated on the same day each week.

I have plans to bring in a few Old!Who characters (because what's an epic multi-part fic without Sarah Jane?) and I also have an alien adventure plotted. Is there anything else you all would like to see in this story? In depth fic will go through the first year of the babies' life and then there will be one-shots for the years they remain on Earth raising them, so most any topics are fair game and will go into my prompt list.


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