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Okay, I got over my annoyance with the Teaspoon for this week and am back to trying to update my archive. Given the number of stories I said I found when I updated my list here, I am terribly far behind, and I don't think I will spam the archives to catch up. Not to mention the fact uploading more than ten chapters/stories in a day is frowned upon.

Currently, my focus will be adding to the series I call Two Months. Most of you know it as the 60 prompts, or that really long, angsty story about Rose's first pregnancy. I had it split into separate stories and am now combining it into one, which means catching back up to where I had left off. Because they rejected some of the old chapters due to formatting issues, I am only up to story 10. Which means I still have 18 left to go before it is as caught up as it will get for now.

I thought I would mention that as I add chapters to my Teaspoon account, I will also be updating the ones here and will be adding links to following chapters to make them easier to read. Instead of having to go back to the table, there will be a link to the next part at the bottom.

Which is something some of you may have noticed be doing with Absolution.
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I thought it was about time I updated my archive on the Teaspoon. I haven't touched it in quite a while outside of updating Through The Glass. This morning has seen me move all my single fics from the 60 days series into one story. As I only had 15 of them up, I felt that was a better alternative than trying to catch up by posting them individually.

I may go through and post some of my favourite stories on there, but I believe this will still remain the main place I post my fanfiction, as there is no way to really catch up. At least not without posting a story every single day from now until sometime late next month. I may work toward it eventually, but I just don't see a reason to.


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