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Title: Prophylactic
Author: milieva
Chracters/Pairing: Umi, Fuu, Hikaru (Umi/Clef)
Rating: Teen
Summary: While waiting for Umi to finish packing for their next trip to Cephiro, Fuu notices something unexpected sitting with her friend's bag.

Author’s Note: Some point between working on my novel and harassing [livejournal.com profile] _d_o_w_n_ to finish Protecting You, I might have listened to a bit too much snow Patrol and been inspired to write a little something about Umi and Clef.

The plan was to write a companion to A Spring Holiday. Clef invites Umi to spend a week with him at his personal residence. Well, of course I promptly tumbled straight in the gutter with the first chapter and have since decided to delete the first scene from it all together. But then I realized I actually like this scene, so I thought I’d keep it, but as a stand-alone fic instead.
Though there may be mention of it in the Umi/Clef fic later, should I finish it.

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Finally fulfilling a drabble request from [livejournal.com profile] sciathan_file "Doctor Who/Rayearth - The TARDIS lands in Cephiro."

The heavy grinding of the time rotor echoed off the high stone walls as the TARDIS materialized in the center of a long corridor. A small, almost rabbit shaped ball of fluff bounced down the long hallways toward it, uttering a happy sound with each bound that sounded something like, "Puu Puu."

The TARDIS door opened slowly.

"Oh, Tegat has one of the most fantastic market places this side of the--"

The words trailed off as he caught sight of the little creature approaching them.

"I think I miscalculated something," he admitted before quickly slamming the door shut.

The ball of fluff watched the blue box fade into thin air sadly, wishing it had gotten a chance to properly taste it.
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I've been writing, and I rather love Hideaki. He's such a cute kid.

Try to Wish Preview:

“Hideaki, please,” Umi pleaded as she tried to pull her son toward the gate of his nursery school. Short of throwing himself on the ground, he was doing everything possible not to go in.
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A complied list of the fics I have written for Magic Knight Rayerth and posted in this community. I may eventually include links to the drabbles I have written in [livejournal.com profile] mkr_drabbles.


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Title: Far Away
Rating: G
Characters: Umi, Mokona, Clef
Summary: One of many late night talks.
Author’s Note: This actually takes place during season one. You can put it just about anywhere. No exact point is given, just that it is late in the season.

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Because I should be doing so may other things, I spent the past two hours typing this silly thing up. I will get to work on TtW tonight, I think. An then get back to work on finishing my readings.

But for anyone that cares, hers it the first chapter of my newest fic in its rawest form.

I think it will be fun to write. I already have some strong scenes for the next chapter. Damned thing.

But here it is. If you see any glaring errors, please let me know.

Yes, it needs to be formatted, but I am not fighting with that until I get home. This was typed as school in the lab. I am such a nice person. I keep my seat for 2 1/2 hours writing fanfiction. But I pretend it is classwork.

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I hope it meets to your approval. I don't know if I like all of it right ow, but I did just finish writing it less than three hours ago but it should be more understandble than alot of my stuff as it is written in the mornign rather than late at night when I can't sleep (see: Try to Wish).
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Nice fic spawned by an odd comment on [livejournal.com profile] writing_sex. But it is not perverse for the most part?

Title: Playing with Fire
Author: Milieva
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Out of an boredom Umi poses a question to Clef, but ends up answering more of her own questions than she ever thought.
Warnings: Angst, Phalic humor

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I finally finished it

Title : Try to Wish
Chapter: 5 :Waiting in the Dark
Series: Magic Knight Rayearth

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Pillow Talk

Jun. 2nd, 2006 04:47 pm
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Yes, Milieva can write two Clean!fics and her hands not fall off....she thinks. Oh well, without further adue, here is fic two in the Clean series...

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Okay, so I ended up writing another side story of my fic Wish I Had An Angel. I had been having this idea for some time. There are two different versions to it. This one struck me a week or so ago, and stuck in my brain. It all started with Rika's father sitting and reading the news paper.

"Rika? what was the famly name for that Umi girl you said had been so ill? Wasn't it Mitsukake?"

"No. Ryuuzaki, why?"


"What is it?"

Her father turned folded and turned it toward her pointing to the announcment.

TOKYO-- A girl, Ryuuzaki Naoko, born 22 September to Ryuuzaki Umi

Rika gasped and ripped the paper from her father's hands. "That can't be true!"

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Yes, I have some issues. I don't know why this type of thing amuses me or why the bunnies keep popping up.
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Okay so I finally did it. I finished the stupid clean fic. It was like pulling teeth to get them off the beach and then it ended with them on the beacha gain. Not to mention Clef is so damn angsty through it. Anyway here it is.

Title: A Spring Holiday
Rating: PG (yeah, you read it right)
Summary: Umi gets Clef to go with her to her beach house over spring break.
Warnings: A Clean Milieva fic, need I say more?

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Pairing/Fandom: Ryuuzaki Umi and Doushi Clef/Magic Knight Rayearth
Theme: #2 The Audience
Title: Four's a Crowd
Author/Artist: Milieva
Disclaimer: Rayearth belongs to the lovely ladies known as CLAMP. And if they believe that Umi/Clef is not a canon pairing, they need to take another look at their manga. ^.~

Four is a Crowd )

I finished the thing in one night so bear with any odd mistakes. I fixed the other one and posted it at mediaminer since they still allow smut fiction. I am posting this up here for rae-chan since I told her that I was working on it. ^_^
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Moving stuff over to organize it. ^.^

Pairing/Fandom: Ryuuzaki Umi and Doushi Clef/Magic Knight Rayearth
Theme: #20 First Timers
Title: First Attempts Aren't Always Pretty
Author/Artist: Milieva
Disclaimer: Rayearth belongs to the lovely ladies known as CLAMP. And if they believe that Umi/Clef is not a canon pairing, they need to take another look at their manga. ^.~

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