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So.... does anyone recall the mention of the Doctor's future books, The Adventures of Poppy and Ian, from my fic Absolution?

I have this strange desire to actually write them.

I'm not sure how I should feel about this.
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So, those of you who follow my personal journal and have been near LJ today may have notice me spamming my f-list by mistake. (Stupid LJ posting backdated entries to f-lists now)

Anyway. I think I bit off more than I can chew in moving all my fic, and I feel really sad leaving my comm in the dust. It is 6 years old, after all. We've had a long history and I adore all my encourage comments I would be losing.

Instead I have decided to change the name of my fic comm. Psynos was defunct from the time I started exclusively writing Doctor Who fanfiction. It is a variant spelling of a spell from the anime series Magic Knight Rayearth. While I love the word for some silly reason, it makes my fic community difficult to find.

From now on, my fic community matches my username: [livejournal.com profile] milieva_fics.

I will be updating and streamlining all my master lists like I was planning to do, but they will remain here. I also plan to finish all of my seemingly forgotten WIPs before my journal anniversary.
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Okay, it's taking a bit trying to get back into the swing of my weekly updates again, but I hope to resume them soon. Real life has punched me in the gut lately, so chances are chapter 2 of Grounded will likely not be posted this week, but we might be surprised (me more than you). I'm hoping to get more chapters finished and queued up so the next one will be posted the following week on the same day and there will be only the one week of waiting between each chapter.

I am wondering, though, what day of the week you would like Lessons updated.

[Poll #1845007]

I'll try to aim for the day with the most votes and try to keep to it, since I do better with an outline I didn't define myself. I also always liked reading stories that were updated on the same day each week.

I have plans to bring in a few Old!Who characters (because what's an epic multi-part fic without Sarah Jane?) and I also have an alien adventure plotted. Is there anything else you all would like to see in this story? In depth fic will go through the first year of the babies' life and then there will be one-shots for the years they remain on Earth raising them, so most any topics are fair game and will go into my prompt list.
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Pulled From Orbit chapter 9 is finished!!!

Now I just need to hunt down a beta to be sure I haven't made any stupid mistakes in it.

I think this deserves a celebration. Don't you? Let's do the happy dance! Dance Dance Dance!!! Feel free to share your own celebratory happy dances!

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The current word count for chapter 9 of Pulled From Orbit is 1972 2375 3435 4331 words.

That's much better than the 854 I had been stuck at for over a month. It seems adding some interaction between Nine and Jackie got the Hen night moving. Dont' ask me how, as I don't understand it. I won't promise it will be up this weekend, but there might be a chance.

In other news the muses seem to have returned a bit and think they might want to throw a curve ball in the form of Jimmy Stone. I have a question for you all in regard to that.

[Poll #1772581]
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Okay... Anyone want to read the current draft of Chapter 4 (it's not quite finished yet) to tell me if my Nine still sounds like Nine? I'm fearing he feels a little OOC at the moment, but that could just be me.
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Okay, for those of you who follow Only One Way Out, I have a few questions to ask you. Nothing major... just a little poll. All you have to do is click four buttons. This even goes for the lurkers. I know you watch this community. I want to know what you think.

A Moment of Your Time, Please )

Feel free to comment, if you have something else to add, or a question to ask.
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I spent this morning updating my Doctor Who Master Fic List. I discovered I had thirteen fics not listed on it. I also found I was missing three on the Barcelona master list.

I also thought it needed announcing that since I have been venturing off in a Nine direction at the moment, that I have created a section on the list just for him. It can be found here in the master list.

For those waiting for the sequel to Absolution, I promise I have been working on it. I should have something together soon if I can get caught back up on Only One Way Out.
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Letting my readers know, I will not be writing anything new for the next few weeks. This means Absolution is on the back burner. I have bits of the next two chapters together, but I am going to avoid working on them in favour of focussing on my essays.

I have essays in Chaucer (The Pardoner's Tale), English Capstone (The Master as a villian), and Tudor Stuart England (The Bank of England) due before the end of the month. I really need to work on them.

I appologise for the hiatus, but is simply cannot be avoided.
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Because I have nothing better to be doing, apparently. I am debating on recording some audio version of my fanfiction. I thought I would toss it out to you lot, which ones would you like to see most as a download?

I have a few personal favourites, but I thought I would ask those who read me on a regular basis.

Of course I want to do angsty ones, but I would be willing to do most anything.
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Okay, I got over my annoyance with the Teaspoon for this week and am back to trying to update my archive. Given the number of stories I said I found when I updated my list here, I am terribly far behind, and I don't think I will spam the archives to catch up. Not to mention the fact uploading more than ten chapters/stories in a day is frowned upon.

Currently, my focus will be adding to the series I call Two Months. Most of you know it as the 60 prompts, or that really long, angsty story about Rose's first pregnancy. I had it split into separate stories and am now combining it into one, which means catching back up to where I had left off. Because they rejected some of the old chapters due to formatting issues, I am only up to story 10. Which means I still have 18 left to go before it is as caught up as it will get for now.

I thought I would mention that as I add chapters to my Teaspoon account, I will also be updating the ones here and will be adding links to following chapters to make them easier to read. Instead of having to go back to the table, there will be a link to the next part at the bottom.

Which is something some of you may have noticed be doing with Absolution.
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The Doctor Who Master Fic List is now updated again. As I hadn't updated since the beginning of December, I had quite a few stories missing from it. Now they are all present and accounted for.

I have nearly hit sixty fics. I don't know what it is about thsi fandom that has me writing so much, but I can't seem to keep the pen from paper for too terribly long.

Fic Update

Feb. 1st, 2010 01:37 pm
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I am trying my hardest to get things finished. Through the Glass and Allay Pain are currently at the top of my priority list as I have another fic or two I am wanting to start, but refuse to put any work into outside of general thoughts and notes until I have my two projects finished.

On another note, I decided to repost the A-Z Drabble meme I did last year. I had fun with it and as there were still quite a few letters left, I decided to post the old list as well, so if anyone who reads this journal cares to request something head over to this post on my personal LJ. I also have two little stories posted there at the moment, as I wanted to do one of [livejournal.com profile] mrs_roy's before she headed out today.
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I thought it was about time I updated my archive on the Teaspoon. I haven't touched it in quite a while outside of updating Through The Glass. This morning has seen me move all my single fics from the 60 days series into one story. As I only had 15 of them up, I felt that was a better alternative than trying to catch up by posting them individually.

I may go through and post some of my favourite stories on there, but I believe this will still remain the main place I post my fanfiction, as there is no way to really catch up. At least not without posting a story every single day from now until sometime late next month. I may work toward it eventually, but I just don't see a reason to.
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Anyone who has followed my fics will see some, such as Through the Glass have only just been updated after a year long absence. I suppose I could blame JE for that, and my lack of ideas.

As the past weeks have gone on, I have been struck by a truck load of bunnies with full force, so there have been the new additions over the past few days. I hope to have more to show soon, as I am currently working on some holiday themed fics and howp to have them posted next months.

I also have chapter eleven of Through the Glass int he works. with luck it will be posted sometime this weekend or next week. I won't promis anything, but it is coming along quite quickly. I already have about four or five pages. It is just a matter of fleshing out the scenes I have in my head and letting on what the finally will entail.

I hope those of you who have been reading this story are still out there, as it is for you I am finishing it.

I am still writing... and things are getting very dark and angsty over here.

Fic Meme

Sep. 3rd, 2008 09:43 am
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I am working on my fics when I have free time. But I am having some difficulties with stuck plot lines. I don't know when the next bit of Through the Glass will be finished. And Allay Pain is also laying unfinished.

As my bunnies are stuck in an angst rut, I thought it would be fun to play with another fic meme.

A-Z Drabble Meme

Feel free to request something.
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I have spent the morning cleaning up strange old posts and compiling my other two fic lists, so anyone who follows or followedmy other fanfiction, can no more easily find it. I also tidied up the tag list,and all entries are tagged now, though I may go back and add a tag for the series Barcelona and Beyond, since most of my Who fic falls into that catagory, but not all of it.

All the fic list should be up to date with all new fics that are posted to the public. I am also thinking of going back and editing my Rayearth multi-chaptered fics and posting them to this community because I really hate the place they are archived. Fanfiction.net has been shit for years.

I am getting to a stopping point on chapter 9 of Through the Glass. We will see how it goes. [livejournal.com profile] rabid1st has given me some crack ideas for happy Who fic, so we will see what gets worked on.
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This a little note for those of you who happen to watch this journal. I have most of my final edits for part two of 72 Hours nearly finished, but the bad thing is they were written on a print out fo the story, not even typed up, so I won't be able to touch those until maybe tomorrow night as I am busy from here on out. So... It will not be up until maybe next week.

Though I may be able to get some more work done ont he finall instalment of Gravity. I am just a bit freaked out at some of the things that are creeping into it. Puts the Doctor in an interesting light.

I have a little bit left on the next chapter of Through the Glass and I will be shipping that off to the beta this week as well.

I am afraid I always bite off more than I can chew, thus I am putting a little reunion piece that falls outside of my baby!fic verse on the back burner for the time being.
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I have good news and I have bad news.

Bad news first. Even if it may not actually be bad. As it stands, Through the Glass chapter Nine may be delayed a bit longer than expected. Because I have another cracked otu plot bunny that thought it would be fun to plant an idea for a different version of a reunion.

This new one wants to insert itself somewhere in S3. And cannot decide if it wants to be a one-shot or a three-parter. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

In other news, for readers of my crack and those questioning my strange idea of timelord genitalia, i am currently attempting to finish up a little crack smut fic. It is a two parter and the first part has been sent to the beta, who happens to have gone on holiday to Florida for a few weeks... not so good, but not so bad either. PArt one is finished and could be post any time now...

As for anything else... I don't know. Is there anything you lot would like me to try and focus on?
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How would you like to be the first person to read the next chapter of an existing fanfic, or a completely new fanfic before anyone else has seen it?

I am looking for readers who have a good eye for grammar and spelling mistakes. My main issues are merely forgetting to capitalize proper nouns and adding or forgetting letters in words. But some times there are odd flow issues and sentences simply don’t sound right.

I did once forget a word and turn the heroine of a story into a hermaphrodite, so anything is possible.

If you are interested, I have a number of fics in the works. Just comment here, and let me know what you would prefer not to read. (baby!fic, smut, etc…) And you may also tell me what you would be interested in.


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