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Title: Allay Pain (3/3)
Characters: Rose, Ten, Donna
Rating: Teen
Beta: None. Beware of amusing typos.
Alt Ending: Everything from Turn Left never happened.
Disclaimer: If it were mine, series four would end like this.

Summary: After the discovering of an odd alien device, Rose, tired of waiting for the impossible, decides to take her destiny into her own hands.

Author's Note: Well, I finally finished this after how many years? I hope you enjoy this little bit of AU fluff. I myself rather like it.

Part One Part Two

It was still pretty early in the morning when Donna woke up. She wandered down stairs to find something with caffeine in it to wake herself up the rest of the way. On her way into the kitchen, she decided to stop in on her friend in the sitting room. Knowing him, he was probably pacing and fretting about his precious ship that had apparently gone missing.

Only he wasn’t pacing or fretting when she found him. He was sprawled across the sofa, very much asleep and very much…

“Why are you naked?” Donna shrieked.

The Doctor sat up with a start, and she got a gander at more than she wanted. Two thoughts went through her head simultaneously: He didn’t look all that human with his clothes off, and she hoped there was some machine on his ship to wipe that image from her mind forever.

“I… We…” he stammered incoherently as he glanced helplessly around the room as if he’d lost something important.

“I don’t care what you were doing,” she snapped. “Just get your clothes on.”

She was just thinking how much she wished she hadn’t even checked in on him when a woman’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Sorry. I think that’s my fault.”

Donna spun around to find a strange blonde standing in the doorway. She was barefoot, wearing rumpled clothing and holding two steaming mugs of coffee.

“Who the hell are you?”

“You must be Donna,” the blonde laughed, completely unfazed.

“Yeah, I know who I am. Who are you?”

There was that laugh again, right before the woman hit her with an answer that would send her reeling.

“I’m Rose.”

Eyes wide in sudden realization, Donna stared at her in shock. A little voice in the back of her head told her that explained the Doctor’s sudden lack of clothing, but she didn’t exactly want to think of anything related to that too skinny space man having oh-my-god-it’s-you, reunion sex. Actually the idea of the Doctor having sex with anyone was a bit too much for her, and then after she’d caught sight of that odd equipment of his…

It was far safer to forget what she’d seen and repress it so it merely haunted her nightmares, so she could be happy for him

“Thank God!” she exclaimed. “I was afraid he was masturbating or something.”

“Oi!” the Doctor complained.

Rose laughed, “I told you that you should have gotten dressed before we fell asleep. Friend’s mother’s house and all.”

All the excitement had been a bit louder than anyone likely intended that early in the morning because it was only a few moments later that Wilf appeared in the doorway.

“What’s all the commotion about?” he asked, before his eyes traveled over to the Doctor sitting on the sofa. “And why are you naked?”

“This is Rose. Apparently the Doctor found her last night. Long story but she’s his…” “What are you to him, anyway? He only ever called you his friend, and I know you’re more than just friends.”

“Good question. I think technically… I’m his… wife?” She glanced to him at the last word. An incandescent grin spread across the Doctor’s face when she used it. “I want to say we’ve been married three or four times, if I’m remembering correctly. Or perhaps five?”

“Seven, actually, but that’s beside the point.”

He clutched a pillow over his groin and walked over to retrieve one of the mugs from Rose’s hand.

“Seven?” Rose asked, surprised. “I didn’t think it had been that many.”

She followed him back to the sofa and sat down as she listed off locations, and the Doctor added to it, neither one really caring that anyone else was in the room. Suddenly if felt as if Donna were invading some very private conversation and she excused herself, taking her grandfather with her.

“I didn’t know he was married,” Wilf commented, as Donna led him out. “Keeps things closer to the vest than I thought.”


It was two more days until they found the TARDIS again, though the Doctor hadn’t really searched that hard. He was a bit distracted by the return of his companion.

They’d been out for a walk, while the Doctor again explained how he and Donna had walked back to the TARDIS only to find empty pavement. He was going to wave to the exact spot for emphasis, but there she was sitting right on the street corner the Doctor had found empty days before. When he stepped inside, he found that the brake and every parking setting were exactly as they should have been, so there had been absolutely no reason why she hadn’t been where he’d left her.

The Doctor vaguely wondered at this, but decided it wasn’t worth explaining because the result of the extended stay was well worth any inconvenience.

“You sure you weren’t just looking in the wrong place,” Donna quipped when he mentioned the parking brake set just as it should be.

“I always know perfectly well where I leave my ship.”

Rose and Donna both exchanged a knowing look and stifled a giggle. Between the two of them they had a good dozen stories that proved that was not the case, a fact Donna was more than willing to point out.

The two of them together was definitely going to make his life a bit more interesting.


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