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Summary A universe where "Turn Left" never happened. The Doctor and Rose were reunited differently and are traveling the universe together with Donna in tow.

Allay Pain Teen [INCOMPLETE]
(Ten/Rose, Donna) After the discovering of an odd alien device, Rose, tired of waiting for the impossible, decides to take her destiny into her own hands.
part one part two

A Quiet Day In
(Ten/Rose, Donna) I was wanting a fluff prompt as I am back at work on my angst fic universe and needed something to brighten my own day.

Overkill G
(Ten/Rose) The Doctor warns Rose about her contact with a possibly dangerous chemical.

Zulfa Thura PG-13
(Ten/Rose) Rose challenges the Doctor into listing 26 planets in reverse alphabetical order, while doing her very best to distract him from completing his task.

101 Uses for Sticky Notes PG-13
(Ten/Rose, Donna) Rose has fun leading the Doctor on a wild goose chase.

Shadow Play G
(Ten/Rose, Donna) A little light and a smooth wall can make for hours of entertainment.

Denying the Obvious
(Ten/Rose, Donna) The Doctor attempts to desguise a broken rule.

Just a Little Lie PG-13
(Ten, Rose, Donna) Rose tells the Doctor a little white lie, for some time to herself.

Then Space--Began to Toll G
(Ten/Rose) Rose has a terrible dream.

Pleasantly Perplexed PG
(Ten/Rose, OC) For all his great, big, brilliant, Time Lord brain, he was completely mystified when it came to this tiny creature.


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